Top 10 Best Hidden Tracks [Easter Eggs]

We take a look at the best hidden and secret tracks in music. From Nirvana, to Pearl Jam, to The Clash and more, here are our ten favorites.

Hidden tracks were the coolest thing back in the day. You'd pop in a cassette or put on a record and just when you thought the album was all said and done, you'd be rewarded with another song. On CD or digital release, the sense of surprise is lost for the most part. As a tribute to these easter eggs songs, here's our list of our top ten favorite hidden tracks in albums, ever.


Nine Inch Nails - Physical

Physical (You're so) is actually a cover of the Adam & The Ants song. It was was released as part of Nine Inch Nails' album Broken.


Green Day - All By Myself

This little gem by Green Day dates back all the way to their Dookie days. Drummer Tre Cool actually wrote and sung the track. Occasionally, he'll grab a guitar and play the song live but consider yourself lucky if you see this happen; it's pretty damn rare.


Nirvana - Endless / Nameless

Kurt Cobain was pretty pissed off when he first heard Nevermind and realized that Endless, Nameless was missing. The song was "forgotten" says Howie Weinberg who was mastering the album. Was it really? The track wasn't exactly radio-friendly which seems to indicate that it was left out on purpose despite Nirvana's wishes.


Lauryn Hill - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

A cover of Frankie Valli's classic, Lauryn Hill's version of Can't Take My Eyes Off You was never released as a single and it was unlisted on The Miseducation. Despite that, it still got a Grammy nod for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.


Wilco - Candyfloss

Candyfloss is an upbeat track that plays almost immediately once Wilco's Summerteeth record comes to an end. It's short and sweet and full of summer goodness. A very appropriate name for a song.


Cracker - Euro-Trash Girl

One of Cracker's best songs is also an unlisted one. Euro-Trash Girl is a soft rock tune from the album Kerosene Hat. The only other appearance of the song was in the EP forĀ Tuscon.


Beck - Diamond Bullocks

It's always a mystery when a band decides against listing an excellent song on an album. Perhaps Diamond Bullocks didn't fit the rest of the vibe of Beck's Mutations, or maybe it was intended to be released Odelay but didn't make the cut in time.


Pearl Jam - Master / Slave

Master / Slave is actually a two part hidden track off of Pearl Jam's Ten. Master serves as an album opener and Slave as the closer however, the songs only count as one track on the album.


The Clash - Train In Vain

The only reason The Clash's Train in Vain was a secret track was because it was added at the very last moment to London Calling after the sleeve had already gone into production. We're glad they decided to release it anyway.


Queens Of The Stone Age - Mosquito Song

It's a shame that Mosquito Song wasn't part of the main track list of Songs For The Deaf. It's a sweet little acoustic song by Queens Of The Stone Age.

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